All construction activities have been successfully completed at the Dong Nai 3 hydropower plant in Vietnam, Cavico Corporation has announced.

The project – owned by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) – is located on the Dong Nai River in Dac Nong province. Dong Nai 3 has a twin unit with a capacity of 180MW.

Cavico’s wholly owned subsidiary Cavico Hydropower began excavating and constructing a 655m long 8m wide headrace tunnel, a 73m long incline tunnel and other supporting needs associated with this tunnel in 2007.

“Cavico is pleased to have completed this project in a safe and timely manner,” said Hai Thanh Tran, vice president of Cavico Corp. “Once the hand-over [to EVN] is completely finalized, we will shift our efforts to generating revenues on the Dong Nai 4 Hydropower Plant.”