Constellation Energy has announced that its subsidiary Constellation NewEnergy has agreed to supply renewable energy to Host Marriott ServicesHost.

As part of the agreement, Constellation NewEnergy will secure approximately six million kWh of green e-certified renewable energy credits (RECs) to match 50% of the electricity used at the Host Marriott ServicesHost’s (HMSHost) three travel plazas located along Interstate 95 in Delaware and Maryland. The RECs will directly support the operation of clean, renewable wind generation; helping avoid the carbon emissions produced from the combustion of fossil fuels.

Michael Jones, senior vice president of HMSHost, said: Greening our travel plazas is a natural fit with our core commitments to customer comfort and safety. Working with Constellation NewEnergy to match half of our electricity use at these locations complements our existing efforts to integrate green construction standards and energy efficient management systems into our building designs and operations.