Constellation Energy Inc.’s (Constellation Energy) Projects & Services Group has installed 2,100 solar world 175 watt crystalline solar panels and 92,000 square feet of photovoltaic material on the the roof of McCormick and Company, Inc.'s (McCormick) Hunt Valley distribution center and the adjacent McCormick Spice Mill. The system is expected to generate one megawatt of electricity, sufficient for 110 homes. It is expected that McCormick's electricity cost will be reduced by 30% in first year.

Greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing about 150 vehicles from the road annually, will be reduced.

The system was installed on January 21, 2009 in Maryland.

“We at McCormick are excited by this project because it is one of our most visible sustainability projects to date, but I’m proud to say that our commitment to the environment goes back many, many years,” McCormick President and Chief Executive Officer Alan Wilson, said. “These solar panels provide renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gases within the community and provide McCormick with energy cost savings — the classic win-win. We are an agriculturally-based business and are mindful of the environment and take measures to preserve and protect those resources.”

Constellation Energy’s Projects and Services Group President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Jarosinski, said “This project is an example of the right forces coming together at the right time to address the issues of energy and environment, and doing it in a way that makes economic sense.”