Constant Water System has announced a new product that ensures that water well users will have water during power outage and well-pump failure. This product can help more than 30 million homes in the US.

The product developed in Warrenton, Virginia, assures water well users will have water during a power outage, well-pump failure or, if on a public water system, during a water main break.

Constant Water System president Judson Walls said: "Being without water is much more than an inconvenience. It’s a health risk."

Constant Water is an automatic backup water system that provides 40 – 120 gallons of fresh water, under pressure, to the home or business. In the Automatic Mode, Constant Water senses the loss of power and automatically provides fresh water to every sink, shower, tub, and toilet.

Previous solutions were to fill tubs and sinks in preparation for a storm, and to buy bottled water.

Walls continued: "If you lost power without warning, or your well pump failed, you were out of luck."

"There was no direct solution on the market." Now there is.

Generators are an indirect solution, but can be expensive to install, operate and maintain. And they may not be connected to the well pump or sized to run it. Also, when relying on a generator, you have to run it anytime you want water. Constant Water does not require a generator to operate.

Constant Water’s Manual Mode also provides a convenient backup for the inevitable well pump failure, something even the most complex generator system can’t do.

Additionally, Constant Water represents an emergency water supply for homes and businesses on unreliable public water systems. "Broken water mains are in the news all the time," says Walls.

The Constant Water system offers many important features:

Activates automatically with loss of power
Provides pressurizes water to every sink, toilet and shower
Refills tanks when power returns
Recharges battery automatically
Reduces dependence on generators
Allows purchase of smaller generators
Features small physical footprint
Is scalable to meet increased water requirements

In addition to the U.S. market, Walls sees global opportunities for the system.

Walls said: "We believe Constant Water can have a strong role in disaster preparedness, disaster relief operations and provide support of developing countries struggling with reliable water solutions."

"We want to establish relationships with international aid agencies, donors and not-for-profit organizations working to solve water challenges around the world."