A consortium of four companies has proposed a deal to extend the Tarbela hydropower station in Pakistan, which will increase its capacity by 960 MWe.

Under the terms of the deal, the companies involved would carry out the extension at their own expense. However, they would then expect the plant to be run on a commercial basis until the outlay was recovered.

The companies involved in the consortium, which is sponsored by the Khan Gee Group, are Cegelec, Energia SpA, Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Kvaerner Boving.

Tarbela currently has a generating capacity of 3478 MWe. Under the proposed extension, two additional 480 MWe units would be added to the plant. The consortium expects to be able to prepare a feasibility study within eight months of acceptance of the deal. It is estimated that the project would then take a further four years to complete.