A consortium formed by four energy firms, including Lincad, Oxis Energy, Pure Wafer and Solutronic, is planning to develop solar energy storage systems for the military across the world.

The proposed solar energy storage systems will feature lightweight solar panels, advanced electronics and battery technology.

Lincad will provide its new Battery Management System and Oxis will supply the lithium sulfur cell technology, for the development of the new energy storage systems.

Meanwhile, Pure Wafer will contribute the rugged high efficiency military solar panel and Solutronic will supply advanced electronics, which will integrate the solar panels, batteries and equipment to power.

Pure Wafer noted that the power stored in the batteries will continue to supply the electrical equipment, when required.

Commenting on the development, Lincad CEO Brian Soden said that the proposed solar energy storage systems will revolutionise energy costs for the military around the world.

Oxis Energy CEO Huw Hampson-Jones said, "Combining our expertise in this way will allow these systems to be easily and quickly deployed. They will be invaluable to the armed forces.

"This development will impact commercial businesses and residential households across Europe and the wider world and will considerably reduce energy bills."