Consolidated Water Co. has won a contract from the Bahamas government to build a new seawater desalination plant and to expand its existing facility on the island of New Providence.

When completed, the new Blue Hills plant will be capable of producing 7.2 million US gallons of potable water per day (USgpd) and will be the company’s largest seawater conversion facility. Consolidated Water will also expand the capacity of its existing Windsor plant by almost 40%, to approximately 3.6 million USgpd, under the terms of its contract with the government-owned Water and Sewerage Corporation in Nassau.

At the present time, the island of New Providence, where Nassau – the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas – is located, suffers from water shortages and must import potable water via barges from neighboring Andros Island.

Consolidated’s contract with the Water and Sewerage Corporation is designed to dramatically increase Nassau’s self-sufficiency by converting seawater into potable water utilizing reverse osmosis technology. The Blue Hills contract is for twenty years, or until 35 billion US gallons of water have been supplied to the Water and Sewerage Corporation.