A 60-member group of UK parliamentarians from the Conservative Party have called for greater efforts to make the country’s economy more energy efficient, less polluting and more competitive, in a new document published – ‘2020 Vision: An Agenda for Transformation’

The group comprises several influential figures of the British government such as Energy Minister Greg Barker, Transport Secretary Justine Greening and the Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin.

According to the group, a greener economy will require three core elements – smart consumers, smarter businesses and governments with real foresight.

The group called on consumers to exploit the current financial constraints to drive businesses to offer more efficient products that cost lesser, are more efficient and require less maintenance.

"A vibrant, innovative private sector working with universities to develop the most energy efficient products, processes and services will be critical to support the migration from business as usual to a lite-carbon economy by designing out risky price fluctuating inputs," the document spelt out.

Welcoming the document, wind and marine energy industries representative body RenewableUK lauded the conservative MPs as forward-thinking and in-sync with the vision shared by the larger public.

RenewableUK’s deputy chief executive Maf Smith said, "We can build an escape route for consumers from the uncontrollable rise of fossil fuel prices by decarbonising our energy supply and generating clean electricity from our own natural resources.

"It’s great to see an influential group of progressive Tory MPs going public in their support for this."