Colombian Mines Corporation announced that a recently completed high resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric survey at the company's Mercedes project in Tolima Department, Colombia has identified multiple, large, linear magnetic anomalies, some in excess of 7km long that are commonly associated with coincident potassium anomalies.

These coincident anomalies indicate the circulation of solutions destructive to magnetic minerals within large structurally controlled zones and are typical of magnetic and radiometric signatures associated with large epithermal systems.

Several of these anomalies are spatially associated with known gold – silver – copper occurrences where the Company’s surface reconnaissance sampling as previously announced in the Company’s release of December 10, 2012 has returned results to 49 grams gold per metric tonne (g/T Au), 773 grams silver per metric Tonne (g/T Ag) and 26% Copper (Cu).

Other similar anomalies, outside of the areas prospected to date, indicate potential to discover additional areas of epithermal style mineralization on the property.

In addition, several large coincident magnetic and potassium highs correspond with mapped bodies of hypabysal intrusives, and are consistent with the magnetic and radiometric signatures commonly associated with porphyry systems.

Recent field checking of select anomalies identified strong outcropping vein systems coincident with magnetic lows and potassium highs.

Vein mineralization consisting of semi massive vein quartz with abundant copper oxides, ranging from four to more than 20 meters in width as seen in the photo at, was traced for over 500 meters in continuous unbroken outcrop along one such mag – radiometric anomaly that is more than 7km long.

Similarly, strong quartz-alunite-adularia open space, stock work veining as seen at was found associated with another coincident mag low and potassium high in the northern portion of the property.