China National Offshore Oil (CNOOC) has repaired and fully restored the subsea natural gas pipeline of Zhuhai Terminal that leaked in December 2011.

The subsea gas pipeline was damaged due to external forces. Following the leakage report from the gas pipeline, CNOOC Shenzhen Branch immediately closed production at relevant platforms of PY30-1 and HZ21-1 fields.

The company said that the leakage did not result in any injuries or environmental pollution.

CNOOC carried out a number of repairs on the pipeline to temporarily restore it in mid January 2012 to supply natural gas to its customers.

Located in Hengqin island of Zhuhai city, the Zhuhai Terminal is a gas processing terminal that develops gas project at PY30-1 gas field and HZ oil field.

According to the company, the Zhuhai Terminal has also resumed normal production.