ClearPower North America has launched a new Kaplan Industrial Turbine Generator (ITG) to convert their water flow into a source of sustainable, renewable, low-cost electricity.

A trusted technology with proven reliability, the ITG features a direct-drive, synchronous, permanent magnetized generator (PMG) that captures the energy of moving water from gravity-fed pipelines.

Unlike all other options on the market, the simple design of the PMG prevents the need for an outside powerhouse or generator to convert power to electricity and does not require additional cooling equipment.

The use of permanent magnets makes the turbine and generator act as one, eliminating the need for transmission gearing as well as separate motors and shafts. The unique all-in-one rim design of the generator removes the need for a central shaft and couplings, resulting in a simplified, compact and efficient generating system that improves efficiency, limits noise and vibration.

The turbine generator can empower manufacturers, utilities, municipalities and other businesses to use gravity-fed pipelines or outfalls to convert flowing water into a source of sustainable and renewable source of electricity.

"Every business and municipality is looking for ways to lower operational costs, improve their bottom line, and show their customers that they are taking steps to be a sustainable organization," said Michael Prendergast, managing partner at ClearPower North America. "Our ClearPower platform can help manufacturers and municipalities achieve all those goals. It will significantly lower the cost of electricity through an automated system, save money while optimizing efficiency, and increase productivity. The use of evolutionary technologies such as this allow us to generate more clean, sustainable electricity, create jobs, and reduce demand on an aging energy infrastructure."

The ITG has been designed for simplified installation with potentially no downtime or disruption to a facility or operations. Requiring only 10 feet of clearance, ClearPower's bolt-on platform offers a small footprint that easily becomes part of an existing infrastructure while removing pressure and not affecting flow.

ClearPower's services can be used in a variety of manufacturing settings that use a high volume of water, including paper mills, mining companies, glass makers, chemical refineries, and more. The ClearPower solution can also be used by utilities, other major energy producers, municipalities, and agriculture.