US-based transmission projects developer Clean Line Energy Partners has completed the acquisition of Power Network New Mexico.

Power Network New Mexico is the project development company of the 200 mile long and 345kV alternate current transmission line project called the Power Network New Mexico transmission project, which has now been renamed the Western Spirit Clean Line.

The under-development transmission project being jointly developed by Clean Line and the New Mexico Renewable Energy
Transmission Authority (RETA) is expected to attract investments of about $2bn in renewable generation and transmission in the state.

Clean Line Energy Partners president Michael Skelly said the company along with RETA is expanding the transmission infrastructure of New Mexico state to accommodate new renewable energy.

"New Mexico has a supportive business environment and we look forward to continuing to work with the citizens, communities, tribes, agencies and leaders throughout the state as the Western Spirit Clean Line project moves forward," Skelly added.

The transmission line will gather 1,500MW of renewable energy from the east-central New Mexico and deliver it to the markets in the western US and also complement the development of the Centennial West Clean Line project.