Clean Diesel Technologies has signed an agreement with Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (TKK) to provide catalyst engineering and support services to advance the deployment of mixed phase catalyst (MPC) emission control technology in China.

TKK will launch a venture in partnership with CDGM Glass to manufacture and sell emission control catalysts to the Chinese automobile sector.

Cleantech emissions reduction company Clean Diesel said it will secure $1.45m in exchange for contributing its engineering expertise and support to assist TKK in the establishment of a catalyst manufacturing capability in China.

The agreement consists of an up-front payment with the balance to be paid upon completion of certain milestones expected to last approximately 14 months.

Clean Diesel CEO Charles Call said the contract strengthens the strategic relationship between Clean Diesel and TKK and enables an important commercialization of MPC emissions control catalyst technology in the market.