Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment, a 90% owned subsidiary of China Industrial Waste Management (CIWM) and an industrial waste processor, has secured a contract to provide dismantling, processing and recycling services for discarded domestic appliances in Dalian City.

Dalian Dongtai will provide these services in Liaoning Province under the Discarded Domestic Appliance Recycling Program which is sponsored by the PRC ministries of Commerce, Treasury, and Environmental Protection.

Under this recycling program, which began in August 2010 in Dalian and will run through the end of December 2011, Dalian Dongtai will process several domestic appliances, including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, personal computers and mobile phones.

The new contract is expected to enable the company to generate $2m in revenues over the program’s 17-month duration through fees received from the government for processing the electronic waste and from sales of recycled materials.

Dalian Dongtai chief operating officer Jun Li said that the company is pleased to have received this designation as the sole provider of recycling services for the Appliance Recycling Program in Dalian City.

“We believe this program will help reduce environmental pollution, promote recycling and energy efficiency in Liaoning province and establish a new channel of electronic waste collection to spur further consolidation of e-waste processing around our Dalian Dongtai facility,” Li said.