Canada's Cielo Waste Solutions has hired Kwik-Fab Energy Services to dismantle its demonstration plant in Red Deer and transport it 200km south to LynCorp Manufacturing' s fabrication shop in Aldersyde, where modifications will be made to the 50 litre/hr batch process to 350 litre/hr of continuous flow refinery that can produce renewable diesel.

Once the modifications are complete, the equipment will be transported a further 5 kilometers south to Cielo's recently acquired property in High River, AB, where the idle bio-diesel facility will be converted into one of the world's greenest high grade renewable fuel refinery that will use garbage-derived feedstocks such as sorted municipal waste, plastics, wood waste, tires, agriculture wastes and other cellulous materials as feedstocks, some of which will have negative acquisition costs.

Cielo also announces that, having recently received its Development Permit from the MD of Foothills #31, the Company has now applied for the more complex building permit from the Government Of Alberta.

Cielo is now working closely with the government's representatives, who are assisting the Company in moving the approval process forward.

Cielo's President and CEO, Don Allan, stated "This is the real kick off for construction. While our demonstration plant has validated that our catalysts and feedstocks will be able to produce high grade renewable diesel, it is now time to implement the changes to the plant that will facilitate us being able to start commercial production.

"Once we validate that we can produce high grade renewable diesel on a continuous flow basis, we will scale up the size of our refineries and build multiple modular refineries offsetting landfills and other feedstock supplies."