China BAK Battery has signed a new contract with Chery Automobile for the supply of high-power batteries.

As per the contract, China BAK will provide 1,000 lithium-ion high-power battery units in this year to power Chery’s Ruilin M1 electric cars.

The new contract follows China BAK’s previously-announced contract with Chery in February 2012.

The previous contract required the company to provide 100 high-power battery units to Chery, which are on schedule to be delivered by June 2012.

The Ruilin M1 is one of the five electric vehicle models that have been approved for government use since early this year.

China BAK CEO Xiangqian Li said the additional order from Chery, and its anticipated further orders and cooperation, further underline the company’s ability to deliver high-quality battery products and lead the development of China’s emerging electric vehicle battery market.

"Likewise, we continue to expect additional orders from other domestic customers for our lithium-ion high-power batteries to power electric vehicles in China in 2012," Li said.

China BAK is a global manufacturer of lithium-based battery cells.