Chile Energy and Mining Minister LaurenceGolborne plans to form a presidential commission to analyze and establish the basis of a long term energy policy for the country.

The main objective of the commission is to discuss the accessibility, distribution, transmission and competitiveness of the electricity system as well as concessions and service of transmission systems and competition in the field.

The commission will be formed by ministers, experts, businessmen and intellectuals and focus on developing better electricity transmission systems.

The members will emphasize on the topics such as the environmental sustainability, the security of the technologies used in the electricity system and the electricity operations in other countries.

Golborne said, "President Sebastian Pinera has requested us to form a work commission with a transversal and representative character, formed by experts in the fields of energy, the environment and regulatory issues."

Chile has in recent years started to diversify its energy sources as the South American country is facing a growing energy shortage.

In February, the government issued an electricity rationing decree that reduced the power operation voltage by 10%, reports English People’s Daily.