Chevron Products has implemented new technology at its Chevron and Texaco stations in the US to accept American Express prepaid cards at the pump, as well as signing a deal to accept Fleet One cards nationwide.

Chevron has implemented partial authorization at the pump, becoming the first major gasoline brand to do so. Partial authorization allows American Express Prepaid Cards, including American Express Gift Cards and American Express Traveler Cheque Cards, to be approved at Chevron and Texaco gasoline dispensers by recognizing the dollar balance on the card.

Currently, at-the-pump authorization of a prepaid card requires that funds on the card exceed the merchant’s pre-set authorization amounts. Since this pre-set authorization amount often exceeds the available balance on the prepaid card, this can result in the card being declined at the pump.

The increased functionality of the dispenser card readers will authorize the use of a card based on the balance remaining, providing greater convenience to American Express prepaid card holders.

Previously, American Express prepaid card holders who chose to purchase fuel at Chevron and Texaco locations were required to go into the convenience store to initiate their purchase. Now, customers can complete their purchase using their prepaid card at the pump island.

Both Chevron and American Express said that they see this new functionality as being important to their future business and to their customers’ increased satisfaction. Our ability to accept American Express Prepaid Cards at the pump at Chevron and Texaco locations will bring added convenience to our customers and incremental sales to our network of stations, commented Danny Roden, vice president of Chevron North America Marketing.

In related news, Fleet One has signed its largest contract to date in the form of an agreement with Chevron Products to allow the Fleet One Local card to be accepted at more than 10,000 participating Chevron- and Texaco-branded retail gasoline sites across the US.

Fleet One Local cards will be accepted as payment for both brands of fuel, as well as maintenance and road-related services.