Chemstar Corporation (Chemstar), a US based provider of comprehensive food safety, sanitation and hygiene solutions, has introduced a new ultra-concentrated formulation of glass cleaner. The new formulation is safer for the environment, delivers improved performance, and offers overall cost savings. The new product includes ingredients determined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be safe in its class.

As the new formulation has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it is less harmful to the environment and atmosphere. The new glass cleaner concentrate is identified as a Design for the Environment (DfE) product. The new formulation reflects company’s GREENSTAR Commitment to promote sustainability in all the parts of their operations, from products and production to packaging and the equipment.

We’re continually developing new ways to design and reformulate our products so we can lessen our impact on the environment, stated Blake Batley, executive vice president at Chemstar. Not only does our DfE Glass Cleaner Concentrate perform better, it provides a lower overall cost-per-use than traditional concentrated glass cleaners.

The new DfE glass cleaner concentrate uses new polymeric-based chemistry, resulting in a product that resists the streaking and leaves surfaces shinier. As it is twice as concentrated as the conventional concentrated glass cleaners, the number of cases a company typically purchases, ships, and handles could be decreased by as much as 50%. In a commercial industrial environment, the savings can quickly add up: a single case of the new DfE glass cleaner concentrate can refill quart-sized spray bottle 640 times. The companies would also reduce their environmental impact due to significant reduction in the amount of packaging and corrugate waste.

We know companies want to choose green products, but they often end up costing more to use, added Batley. Our product is not only better for customers, employees, and the environment, but it also provides tremendous cost savings – it’s truly a win-win for everybody.