US-based retail electricity provider Champion Energy Services has entered into an agreement with Lowfoot for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) system to benefit its residential customers.

Canada-based Lowfoot is a provider of innovative solutions for electricity and utility industry.

Champion Energy will use Lowfoot’s SaaS system along with Smart Meter Texas data to equip its users with technology to understand their energy consumption patterns and monthly electricity bill projection.

Using the energy consumption data, customers can better manage their electricity usage.

Champion Energy Services president and CEO David J Tudor said the smart meter data will help the company’s customers manage their electricity usage and bill better.

"Our new program, named PowerTrack, will provide valued customers with home energy consumption insights and enhance their customer experience," Tudor added.

Lowfoot’s SaaS platform will allow Champion Energy to analyze data from smart meters, aggregate it and help reduce peak energy consumption to decrease wholesale energy price spikes.