CH2M will provide a multi-year water treatment facility plan and expansion project for the JWC Water Treatment plant in Oregon, US.

The company was selected by the Joint Water Commission (JWC), the primary drinking water supplier in Washington County, Oregon, owned in partnership by the Cities of Hillsboro, Beaverton, Forest Grove and the Tualatin Valley Water District.

It is responsible for treating, storing and transmitting potable water to more than 365,000 customers.

The project intends is to add seismic resiliency and to bring the plant capacity to 85 million gallons per day (mgd) in the next three years.

Plant capacity needs to be increased to meet the increasing demands of portable water for communities, agencies and cities under the JWC. The project is part of a plan to add about 105 mgd in plant capacity.

CH2M says that the plan for the facility is the first step, which lays foundation for the next 50 years of improvements through initial improvements and ultimate facility definement. The design and implementation of near-term enhancements at the plant will add 85mgd of plant capacity by 2019.

According to CH2M, its staffs has been helping JWC in developing alternatives and offering advice on the upgrades that are needed for the plan and helped in selecting a construction partner who can deliver the project on time.

Many of JWC’s works have been completed by CH2M and the experience from those past projects can allow CH2M to maximise existing facilities in the expansion project and improve plant efficiencies.

The company also plans to have a collaborative decision process which involves engineering and operations staff who can help in taking design decisions that address the capacity and water quality goals.

Image: CH2M selected by Washington County, Oregon JWC to expand water treatment plant. Photo: Courtesy of CH2M HILL.