Former Czech Republic energy incumbent CEZ has introduced a new suite of services and price ranges in a bid to maintain its leading position in its domestic electricity market.

The move to diversify its customer offer comes as CEZ, the former Czech state monopoly, has admitted that, following market liberalization at the beginning of the year, it can no longer offer the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Instead, the company hopes to retain customers through customizing its offering and providing a more varied and in-depth service.

CEZ customers will be able to choose one of the offered service ranges, each at a different price, according to their expected needs. In contrast to the present, households will be able to save around CZK120 when selecting the ‘Basic line’ or, on the contrary, pay extra for above standard services under the ‘Exclusive line,’ the company explained in a statement. The middle service offering will be known as ‘Comfort line.’

The energy firm also intends to leverage its already well established infrastructure to provide market leading customer service facilities. CEZ intends to implement the new pay scheme from January 2007.