Constellation Energy (CE), an Exelon company, has secured a one-year General Services Administration (GSA) electricity supply contract for 17 federal buildings in California, including the Court of Appeals building in San Francisco.

Constellation said the contract renewal sustains its federal supply to 2.7 million MWh of electricity per year.

Constellation Public Sector and Energy Efficiency vice president Louis Hutchinson said, "Constellation is proud to provide competitive electricity supply to California’s vital federal buildings, and welcomes opportunities to meet future clean energy needs such as the GSA solar project in Sacramento."

Constellation’s federal electricity support throughout the nation includes GSA contracts for the US Capitol, Federal Reserve and Smithsonian Institution, as well as agencies in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

Constellation Energy is a federally approved provider of demand response services for both military and civilian government agencies, enabling federal sites to earn money by reducing consumption during times of peak energy demand.