UK transmission grid operator National Grid has released its latest seven year outlook, showing an annual average growth rate in demand of 0.6%, requiring just about 3 GW of additional capacity by 2013 from 62.8 GW to 65.4 GW.

The largest contribution is expected to come from proposed combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant, with some 54% or 9,700 MW of new capacity over the next seven years.

In addition, CHP capacity is projected to grow by 601 MW, an extra 554 MW is projected from hydro and pumped storage, and 135 MW from coal-fired capacity.

National Grid also forecasts a big increase in wind farm capacity of around 8.2 GW of which 4.9 GW is anticipated on-shore and 3.3 GW off-shore.

These increases are offset by a decrease of 2.3 GW in Magnox nuclear capacity, with no increases in nuclear generation capacity currently projected.

However, generators and distribution network operators are forecasting demand growth of some 1.3%, an increase closer to 6 GW to 68.6 GW over the same period.