Cashbox, an independent ATM deployer and operator, is set to further grow its ATM estate as a result of being appointed sole supplier of ATMs to Motor Fuel Group, a Middlesex, UK-based independent operator of petrol service stations.

The contract will initially see Cashbox deploying ATMs in 15 sites, with the potential for a further 25 sites to follow.

The ATMs will be placed using Cashbox’ Placement Model, whereby a convenience-fee ATM is placed with a retailer free of charge and replenished by them, eliminating the need for third-party cash handling costs. Each ATM is then treated as an individual entity, with Cashbox monitoring performance and ensuring that the retailer is fully trained and supported in its use.

S G Sejpal, managing director of Motor Fuels Group, commented: The outstanding service levels and 24/7 help desk service and superior product offered by Cashbox means that our customers will now be able to enjoy the added convenience of access to cash when they visit our sites.