Carbon Sciences plans to produce samples of diesel fuel in an end-to-end process demonstration using its new catalyst technology.

The technology will be used to transform natural gas and carbon dioxide into a synthesis gas (syngas), which can then be transformed into gasoline and other fuels using the conventional Fischer-Tropsch (FT) gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology.

Carbon Sciences CEO Byron Elton said the company has received positive commercial test results and is planning to accelerate the production of larger quantities of the catalyst, as well as completing the technical and economic analyses in preparation for discussions with strategic partners.

"Working with the GTL experts at our engineering firm, Emerging Fuels Technology, we also plan to demonstrate an end-to-end process that will produce samples of diesel fuel that can be used by existing diesel vehicles."

The clean diesel fuel is expected to have the same characteristics as conventional petroleum based diesel fuel.

Carbon Sciences’ robust dry reforming technology does not require the use of a capital-intensive air separation unit.