CAP Wireless, Inc. (CAP) has launched a new ultra-broadband spatially combined power amplifier, CHPA0618-1-G45. The new amplifier will provide 40 watts of typical saturated power across ultra-broad six to 18 GHz bandwidth. The ability to achieve these unprecedented solid-state power levels across an extended frequency range is enabled by CAP's revolutionary, patented Spatium broadband spatial combining technology.

The new Spatium multiple element architecture, which provides protection from single point failures and facilitates even, dispersive, three-dimensional (3D) heat dissipation, will make the CHPA0618-1-G45 a compact, affordable, reliable, solid state alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). The new device meets the demanding specifications of applications such as electronic counter measures (ECM), laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications.

CHPA0618-1-G45 Key Features:

Ultra-broad 5.85—18.4 GHz bandwidth.

40 watts typical saturated power.

Exceptional reliability and mean time between failure (MTBF).

Graceful degradation (soft-fail) in the event of device failure.

Low voltage primary power.

Low intermodulation and harmonic distortion.

Flat gain without equalization.

Low noise figure.

Low phase noise and spurious.

Infinite load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) without damage.

No warm-up or turn-on delay.

About Spatium

CAP Wireless ultra-broadband Spatium power amplifiers obsolete today’s power amplifiers and make the unachievable a reality. Spatium amplifiers excel when extremes of bandwidth and power are demanded.

The revolutionary, patented (7215220) Spatium technology incorporates a coaxial antipodal finline structure within a proprietary, inherently low-loss spatial combining architecture to achieve solid state reliability and stability with outstanding power levels across exceptionally broad bandwidth. Spatium power amplifiers do more with less—more bandwidth, more power, more fidelity—in less space with less noise at a lower cost. This breakthrough technology leverages commercially available devices and technologies, and it is a simple process to change the design for different applications without having to change the entire structure, eliminating traditional time-consuming redesigns for variations and enabling significant time-to-manufacture cost-savings.