Canada Carbon has reported highly crystalline nature of the graphite obtained from its Miller graphite project located 80 km west of Montreal in the Grenville Township, presenting Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images.

The company claimed that the micrographs show the platy shapes of the crystals, and highly organized layered structure.

The images of its Miller hydrothermal graphite crystals were provided by the El Segundo, California laboratories of Evans Analytical Group. The sample graphite that was submitted for SEM imaging had earlier achieved 99.9978% Cg purity after rapid thermal upgrading.

Graphite crystals sample were taken from the +48 mesh fraction from a flotation concentration trial conducted earlier in July 2013 by SGS Laboratories.

Canada Carbon executive chairman and CEO Bruce Duncan said that 4th February the company had announced that further characterization testing of the Miller graphite was underway, and it is pleased to provide the SEM images of the graphite crystals.

The carbon miner is soon expecting additional graphite characterization results, while SGS Laboratories is currently processing a 50 kilogram composite of the Miller graphite, to develop a flotation concentration flow-sheet that can optimize the preservation of the crystalline graphite structure, and particle size, so as to maximize the potential economic value of this high-purity graphite.

Following the attainment of the optimization criteria, the company intends to commence pilot plant.