The first campaign of 2015 covering 1,500m aims to expand the identified VN6 graphite mineralization, and provide resource delineation data, which will help define a resource estimate for marble and graphite on the property.

SGS Geostats has been appointed to provide technical services on the drill program, and produce a report.

Drilling to date has covered 750m on the marble units only, the company said.

Last year, drilling in the vicinity of the VN3 graphite intersected white marble, including 60m in hole DDH13-10 and 20m in hole DDH13-13.

The company intends to determine the potential economic value of the marble along with the graphite mineralization on the property.

Canada Carbon executive chairman and CEO Bruce Duncan said: "It is possible that the company might be fortunate enough to not only have discovered hydrothermal lump / vein graphite that can be readily upgraded to extremely high purity, but that it is hosted in a marble unit that may itself meet the necessary criteria for having a reasonable prospect of economic extraction."