A call for papers has been issued for the BHR Group’s 5th International Water Pipeline Systems Conference on 22-24 November 2006 in Liverpool, UK.

The organisers have identified three broad areas where papers will be particularly welcome:

Business and Financial Drivers, including asset management; regulation; demand management; competition and common carriage; materials selection; and pipe sizing versus pumping cost economics.

Operations, including inspection; rehabilitation; insertion techniques; leakage and surges; and construction methodology.

Strategy, including risk assessment; quality modelling; intelligent pipes; volume water; supply mains; and contractor versus utility.

Further information about the conference, and submitting papers, can be obtained from: Babs Astle, BHR Group Limited, The Fluid Engineering Centre, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, MK43 0AJ. Tel: +44 (0)1234 750422. Fax: +44 (0)1234 750074. Email: conforg3@bhrgroup.com.

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