The California Energy Commission will provide $5m to improve the energy efficiency in the state under its Energy Conservation Assistant Act (ECAA) program.

The initiative will cover three cities of Patterson, San Pablo and California as well as the Santa Barbara Community College District.

Energy Commission chair Robert B. Weisenmiller remarked that the projects when completed will provide $400,000 or 2.8kWh of annual energy savings.

Funds provided by the commission will be employed for the retrofitting of lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and the installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

The city of Patterson in Stanislaus County will receive $2.8m to install energy efficient building lighting, streetlights and solar PV systems at city-owned facilities; while San Pablo Contra Costa County will receive $1.14m to install three solar PV systems totaling 280 kilowatts at the city hall, police station and senior center.

California City in Kern County and the Santa Barbara Community College District will receive about $900,000 combined.