Bunker Hill Community College has won a $2,000 technical assistance grant from Second Nature. The grant will provide the college with new ideas to reduce energy consumption and waste, maximize recycling and improve operations.

The grant, one of 15 awarded nationally, focuses on helping under-resourced colleges and universities accelerate progress toward sustainability.

Paul Righi, manager of Buildings and Grounds, was selected by the college to receive training offered under the grant. He will participate in workshops, webinars and online courses about operating sustainable campuses. Mr Righi plays a key role in the college’s green building operation and maintenance.

Ashka Naik, manager of Second Nature’s Advancing Green Building in Higher Education program, said: “We are confident that the schools receiving these grants will quickly turn their training into results that will benefit their entire campus community. We awarded grants based on an assessment of the institution’s level of need, statement of interest and campus sustainability capacity.”

Second Nature was founded in Boston by Senator John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry and others to work for a sustainable future.