Bryant Industries (Bryant) is seeking approval from the Danville, Illinois, city council for a special use permit to expand its operations to include a "U Pull" salvage yard at its scrap metal recycling facility. The new project, which is geared toward servicing people looking for recycled auto parts, will be limited to having rows of vehicles located on the land, and there wouldn’t be any significant processing taking place at the site.

The company had earlier in January 2009 considered submitting its request to the city council, but opted to pull it back until the next scheduled meeting, January 20, 2009.

The company hopes to use around three acres it presently owns to expand its business to include a spot where the company can locate automobiles for parts purchases.

Brent Richards, the general manager of the facility, hopes that some of the opposition to adding an auto parts section to the site is animosity toward the company’s scrap metal recycling facility.

Bryant has a total of three locations in Illinois: Westville, Tuscola, and its corporate headquarters in Danville.

The Danville Planning and Zoning Commission has approved the special use permit by a 7-1 vote, but the council must grant final approval and a vote there is expected on January 20, 2009.