EcoDog has said that new home builder Brookfield Homes has selected its Fido Home Energy Watchdog system as the home energy management option for Rockrose at The Foothills neighborhood. This marks EcoDog’s first installation in the new homebuilder market.

The builder showcased three new home models featuring a variety of water and energy saving features and options at their opening event on March 27.

EcoDog’s Fido system consists of a hardware interface option available for any new Rockrose home coupled with Fido Advisor monitoring software that shows residents a floor plan of their home with detailed information about where they are using electricity along with personalized energy-saving strategies based on individual usage patterns.

The system allows users to see their electricity consumption (in both dollars and KiloWatt/Hours) and view exactly how their power is consumed on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. This enables users to lower utility bills by 15-25% or more by receiving caution notices to avoid higher billing tiers and identifying ‘energy hogs’ in the home, the company said.

According to the company, the system will ultimately allow users to save money while reducing peak demand for electricity by avoiding expensive Time of Use or Peak Day surcharges anticipated when SDG&E starts charging market rates for electricity as early as next year.

In addition to being available as a standalone energy management option, Fido will be the default monitoring system for solar power options offered by Brookfield at Rockrose. It provides detailed monitoring of alternative power generation on the market so that homeowners can track savings and optimize configurations of their solar power systems for maximum return on their investment, the company added.

Lora Heramb, vice president of sales and marketing at Brookfield Homes, said: ”Visitors to the Rockrose community will see dozens of ways Brookfield has incorporated an eco-savvy approach from water-saving landscaping to tankless water heaters and radiant barrier roof sheathing as well as options for even greater energy saving with solar power.

”One of the most popular sales office displays has been the demonstration of the EcoDog Fido energy monitoring option, showing potential home buyers exactly how much energy and money may be saved with the standard and optional features at Rockrose homes.”