CPFL Energia gained RS46M (US$22M) in revenues in the second quarter to 30 June from the Campos Novos hydro plant, which commenced operations in February.

The 880MW Campos Novos plant on the river Canoas in Santa Catarina state generated 575GWh of electricity in Q2 following the completion of reservoir impoundment at the end of January. CPFL Energia holds 48.72% of the plant, which represents potential installed and assured energy of average 429.8MW and 184.1MW, respectively. Expenses incurred for the operational start-up of the plant were US$1.4M.

CPFL Energia is also 51% owner of the 855MW Foz do Chapeco project, which commenced construction last December on the river Uruguai on the border between the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2010. The company’s share of the project equates to 436.1MW of installed capacity and 220.3 median MW of secured power.

Other projects under construction are in the 360MW Ceran complex – the Castro Alves and 14 de Julho plants – which follow the Monte Carlo plant, opened in 2005.