Run of River Power has engaged MAC & MAC Hydrodemolition to perform work at it's Brandywine Creek hydroelectric power plant in British Columbia, Canada.

Following the discovery of an iron reducing bacteria commonly found in the streams in the area, it has been determined that approximately 2500m of steel penstock making up the lower portion of the penstock route, connecting the intake structure to the power house, should be cleaned and then coated with a corrosion resistant paint.

The work, which will cost up to US$991,000, involves cleaning the corrosion and related iron build up – caused by iron reducing bacteria – from inside of the pipe, with high pressure water jets and then painting the inside of the pipe with a corrosion resistant epoxy.

Run of River Power Inc. operates a 7.6MW hydroelectric power plant at Brandywine Creek, near Whistler, British Columbia, and sells the power to BC Hydro on a long-term 20 year contract. It produces approximately 40,000MWh/yr.