BP Alternative Energy’s (BP) proposed wind farm in southwestern Wyoming county has some residents wondering about its effect on the county’s watersheds. The 87 turbines of the wind farm will be spread in the towns of Eaton, Noxen, Forkston and Mehoopany over 14,861 acres. BP expects to gain access to the site from Fire Tower road in Mehoopany and a logging access road in Noxen.

“The runoff is probably not going to be my problem, but it may be the problem of people who live at the bottom of the mountain,” Ide said. “I’m concerned for the people below.”

Ide and others are urging fellow residents to review BP’s project.

Residents can submit their comments on the project to the state Department of Environmental Protection until January 23, 2009.

“Stone Hollow Creek, York Run and Hettesheimer Run flow into Bowmans Creek and run parallel to the streets,” Noxen Supervisor Carl Shook said. “All those streams are within 100 yards from a road.”

Shook is concerned that the project may increase runoff into the streams, including during construction.

Conservation district resource specialist Dave Taylor said staff members will monitor construction at the site. “We’re going to be concerned about any erosion on site,” Shook said.

“They are going to have to widen roads, and we will lose some trees,” Taylor said, adding the project site will be restored after construction is complete.