Ireland-based Bord Gais Energy Supply has announced an average price decrease of 20% in householder gas bills since the start of 2007.

<p>The announcement comes after the final decision made by the Commission for Energy Regulation confirming an average drop of 10.6% in gas prices. <br /><br />The overall reduction equates to a typical saving of E200 in annual home heating gas costs. Natural gas prices for small- and medium-sized business users will decrease by an average of 11.3%, the second significant cost reduction made this year. <br /><br />David Bunworth, head of energy supply at Bord Gais, said: We&#0039;re delighted to be able to confirm a further price decrease of 10.6%, culminating in a total price decrease of 20% on average for our customers in 2007, thanks to falling wholesale gas costs. With our new simplified tariffs, and many other service improvements introduced during the year, we are affirming our commitment to providing our customers with energy that&#0039;s efficient and economical and a quality of service that&#0039;s second to none. Following this latest decrease in gas prices, oil will be 20% dearer and electricity 34% dearer than natural gas for home heating.</p>