UK-based BMT Nigel Gee has been awarded a contract by Penguin Shipyard International, a wholly-owned subsidiary Singapore-based Penguin International, to design two monohull fast crew boats.

The two BV classed boats, which can carry up to 70 passengers, are being built for ARCO Marine and Oilfield Services, and will be deployed in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas industry.

Under the contract, the BMT Group unit will develop cost-effective fast crew transfer vessels that can fully match ARCO Marine’s requirements to support Nigeria’s expanding offshore sector.

The 25m boats will include four MAN D2842LE405 engine and four Rolls Royce A40A3 water jet to provide maximum operational flexibility and optimum fuel efficiency at various speeds.

In addition, the four-engine configuration will allow the vessels to complete its function safely with any one propulsion train down under maintenance or revamp.

The vessels, which will have an endurance of four days and about 600 nautical miles and with a maximum speed of 30 knots can accommodate up to four members and four tonnes of deck cargo.

The vessels will feature a wheelhouse above the desk to provide all-round view to ensure utmost safety in the oilfield and a fire monitor on the upper deck superstructure.

BMT Nigel Gee technical director Ed Dudson said, "We’ve worked with Penguin Shipyard International previously on a project to design and build three high-speed passenger catamarans for the Shipping Corporation of India but this is the first for the oil and gas sector, an area where Penguin is particularly strong."