Blue Earth, through its subsidiary Castrovilla, has signed a contract with Roseville Electric to provide a turnkey commercial refrigeration energy efficiency program in the US.

The energy efficiency program includes the program design, administration, marketing, installation, evaluation, measurement and verification.

The program has secured $923,000 Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant allocation from funds allocated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

As part of the project, Castrovilla will deliver its Keep Your Cool rebate program to Roseville Electric at approximately 18.2 cents per kWh which is cost effective to the utility and its small commercial customers

Blue Earth CEO Johnny Thomas said that Castrovilla under the experienced leadership of John Pink, has developed a business model for substantially generating and delivering kW and kWh that benefits both the utility and the end user.

"This contract provides to expand the innovative Keep Your Cool program to utilities statewide and eventually on a regional basis," Thomas said.

Blue Earth is engaged in the clean technology industry with a primary focus on the energy efficiency, water and wastewater sectors.