BioteQ Environmental Technologies, a company engaged in the treatment of industrial waste water, has signed a development agreement with EcoMetales Limited, an industrial waste management company owned by Chile-based mining firm Codelco.

Under the agreement, the companies will jointly evaluate and develop waste treatment projects to recover, recycle and treat metals from industrial waste, including mine, smelter and refinery waste, and have jointly initiated their first project to recover molybdenum from leach solutions.

EcoMetales CEO Ivan Valenzuela said that together, EcoMetales and BioteQ can provide treatment solutions that recover valuable metals from waste, produce clean water for re-use, and reduce environmental liabilities for site owners.

Before signing the agreement, EcoMetales contracted BioteQ Environmental Technologies to provide laboratory test work, piloting and conceptual engineering services for the recovery of molybdenum from leach solutions.

Initial laboratory testing has been completed, and pilot testing at the site is in progress.

Upon completion of the pilot testing, EcoMetales will evaluate the project economics of a full-scale plant and will determine the appropriate business model to advance the project.