Finland’s Olkiluoto 4 nuclear power project has entered a new phase with the start of engineering studies by five potential technology suppliers to ensure licensability in Finland. Teollisuuden Voima Oyj expects bids for the new unit at the beginning of 2013.

The five alternative bids that have entered the ring at this stage are Areva, with an EPR plant type, GE Hitachi with an ESBWR design, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power with an APR1400 plant type, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with its APWR and Toshiba with an ABWR plant.

MHI announced on 26 March that it would conduct a feasibility study aiming to secure and fulfill the engineering procurement and construction requirements for the OL4 project in its bid of the 1700 MW EU-APWR, and has established a liaison office in the Finnish capital Helsinki to improve collaboration with TVO, Finland’s nuclear safety authority, and partner companies.

GEH said in a statement 27 March that it was ‘honoured and excited’ to receive TVO’s formal application to submit a bid for the OL4 reactor. GEH is preparing its bid jointly with international engineering and construction company Fluor.

Janne Mokka, senior vice president, OL4 project, said that TVO is in the process of expanding its OL4 project organisation, which currently stands at around 50 people.