Benzina, a subsidiary of Unipetrol Group, has announced that it will complete the modernization of 82 of its petrol filling stations under the Benzina Plus brand and 82 stations under the traditional Benzina brand by the end of this year.

Towards the end of this year Benzina is also launching Verva Diesel, a new diesel fuel with a high level of additives, which will be available at 42 Benzina Plus stations before the end of this year.

Martin Durcak, managing director of Benzina, said: Last year in the autumn we promised motorists that our petrol filling stations would provide new options, better services, the maximum comfort, and premium fuels. We also made a commitment to modernize a specific number of stations in this way.

We are delivering more than 100% on our promises, and at the end of 2007 we will offer motorists a larger number of modern petrol filling stations than we originally planned. Drivers can already take fuel at 80 Benzina Plus stations and 79 traditional, but significantly upgraded Benzina stations.