A report on the national and regional market shares of energy companies in Belgium has been published by the country’s four energy regulatory bodies in a first for the nation. Federal regulators CREG, together with regional regulators CWAPE of Wallonia, IBGE-BIM of Brussels-Central, and VREG of Flanders, have published the study showing market shares in 2004.

The study underlines the continued dominance of Electrabel and its sales subsidiary Electrabel Customer Solutions (ECS) which collectively supply more than 65% of Belgian demand. Following the incumbent supplier comes Luminus, part of the UK’s Centrica with 7.6%, Germany’s RWE Solutions with 2.9%, and the Dutch Nuon group which has 2.0%. In terms of the number of connections, market shares are a little more balanced but are still massively dominated by Electrabel. Of the 5,216,482 Belgian consumers ECS holds just under 42% of the market, Luminus has 11% and Nuon 3.9%.