Beijing Capital will secure a $300m equivalent loan facility from the Asian Development of Bank (ADB) to upgrade wastewater services in the western region of China.

Of the proposed loan, $150m will be offered from ADB’s ordinary resources and the other half will be provided by other participating banks.

The western region of China is currently experiencing rising demand for better quality water and wastewater management services to meet higher environmental standards.

With increasing population and degrading levels of quality, it is becoming an urgent need to address these issues at the earliest, through capital investment in these areas.

The project will see the construction, expansion, and rehabilitatation of water and wastewater treatment plants in several provinces.

ADB private sector operations department East Asia unit Head Hisaka Kimura said: "The project will help provide reliable and efficient access to water and wastewater treatment in smaller communities in the west.

"Standalone small-scale projects are relatively expensive, so by bundling them together using multi-sector concessions, the project will be able to achieve greater overall efficiencies and quality."

Beijing Capital will tailor its technologies to suit the requirements of different target communities and cater to them accordingly.

ADB said that its presence in the project will encourage future private-public partnership that can help address such infrastructural issues.