Baswood, a provider of industrial wastewater pre-treatment systems, has introduced new BioViper pilot system, a mobile unit that can be used to treat wastewater from food and beverage industry, including dairy, further processing, and beverage plants.

The biological wastewater treatment system, BioViper uses Baswood’s patented aerobic/anaerobic integrated microbial succession technology and ‘dry cycle’ process to reduce biological and chemical oxygen demand in wastewater from the food & beverage industry.

The BioViper pilot system, housed in a self-contained, customized, 40ft shipping container, has hydraulic capacity of up to 20gpm of high-strength wastewater and features on-line water quality monitoring, office/lab space, composite sampling and influent and effluent pumping systems and clarification.

The BioViper is claimed to provide optimal pretreatment of wastewater by using 40% less energy and delivering lower lifecycle costs, in a smaller footprint than competing technologies, while producing minimal solids and operating virtually odor free.

Baswood, which has provided the mobile system to soft drink manufacturer for processing its bottling plant’s concentrated effluent wastewater, will use the test results to finalize the design of the full-scale BioViper system, establish application-specific operating costs, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Baswood CEO Mike Walker said that the company is pleased to offer its wastewater treatment technology to clients on a pilot-scale as it will provide clients with confidence in its technology and save them time and money by optimizing full-scale system design prior to installation.