Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (Axis Technologies), a US based manufacturer of energy efficient electronic dimming ballasts for commercial lighting, said that recent installations in several locations of New Jersey has led to kilo watt hour (KWH) energy reductions and corresponding carbon dioxide reductions. Almost 200 Axis ballasts were installed in new fixtures in Sprint Recycling plant in Newark, New Jersey.

The Sprint Recycling plant in Newark, New Jersey operates a 24,000-square-foot facility with a 20,000 ton/month capacity for recycling paper products.

Tricarico Architecture & Design has mounted over 150 Axis ballasts in their facility. Axis ballasts have also been installed in a number of schools and military facilities. In just these three installations, the new fixtures are totally saving around 60,000 KWH annually, which translates to nearly 103,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Carbon reduction and energy efficiency are major goals of the US Department of Energy and the new administration, cited Nick Bussanich, East Coast Regional Manager for Axis Technologies. Axis is well-positioned to provide these savings in both kilowatt-hour reduction and carbon savings to any company that uses fluorescent fixtures. He continued, With the expected funding to the fifty states from the recent Economic Recovery Bill targeted for enhancing the energy efficiency of Federal, State and local government buildings, we expect to see more installation contracts from both the government and private sectors.