Avanzalia Solar has announced that its Salamanca plant, which was built in collaboration with Kyocera, has commenced working and producing electricity.

The 25MW plant, known as Planta Solar de Salamanca, incorporates about 70,000 Kyocera PV modules in three separates arrays on a 36 hectare site.

Kyocera Fineceramics president Mitsuru Imanaka said: This project is a good example of how clean, solar electricity can help to preserve our delicate environment and make a significant contribution to the energy needs of our society. Kyocera, as leading makers of solar panels, will continue supplying highly reliable products at a world level.

Carlos Galdon, the president of Avanzalia Solar, added: Projects such as these contribute to the reduction of the hundreds of thousands of tons of petrol that Spain imports and burns each year without any return or benefit for our economy. It also helps reduce the emission of enormous quantities of gases that are producing the greenhouse effect.