Avangrid Renewables, the US subsidiary of Iberdrola, has reached an agreement to supply renewable energy from a 200MW wind farm to the City of Austin, in the US state of Texas.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) has been signed by Iberdrola subsidiary with Austin Energy for the long-term sale of power for the city

The wind farm will be built between 2018 and 2019. Location for the new wind farm is yet to be chosen and is expected to be done in the coming few weeks. For the construction of the wind farm, Avangrid Renewables will spend about $300m.

Iberdrola will own and operate the wind farm and will supply the green energy produced from it to the City of Austin, the capital of Texas, which is home to about a million people.

In the recent times, the company has entered into several PPAs in the US with multinationals, to supply energy produced from its wind farms. Few months back, it signed a PPA with Amazon to supply energy from its North Carolina wind farm. It has also signed a contract with Apple to supply energy from its Montague wind farm.

Other PPAs include green power supply to Nike from its the Leaning Jupiter (Oregon) and Jupiter Canyon (Washington).

The company claims to be one of the largest wind power producers in the US, with a total installed capacity of 6.2GW.

In recent years, the company has built several wind farms in the US including the 606MW of Peñascal complex.

Image: Iberdrola signs PPA with Austin Energy to supply 200MW of power from its upcoming wind farm. Photo: Courtesy Iberdrola, S.A.