Avalue Technology, an industrial computer manufacturing company, has introduced a Mini-ITX motherboard, the EMX-780E, with low power and thermal design.

The company said that the EMX-780E is able to meet the embedded market requests for low power consumption, and provide customers a choice for higher level graphics and system performance.

The EMX-780E has adopted the new generation of AMD RS780E+SB710 chipsets, which consume 7 to 15W of power.

This Mini-ITX motherboard supports several single core, dual-core and quad-core processors, all are within 65W, including the latest low power AM3 processors, such as Phenom II XLT Q54L (65W), Athlon II XL V66C (45W), V64L (45W), V50L (25W).

The motherboard also supports current high-performance, multi-core, but lower than 65W processors of AMD, such as dual-core AMD Athlon IIx2 B24 3GHz and quad-core Phenom II x4 905e 2.5GHz processors. DDR2 memory is up to 4GB.

DDR2 memory is up to 4GB. The Realtek RTL8111D adopted as LAN chip supports 2GB ethernets to provide fast networking communications. In additions, the EMX-780E offers other expansion interfaces, such as Mini PCI and CF, to meet customer’s needs for storage.

Its display controller is the IGP ATI Radeon HD3200, supporting resolution and the maximum of 2 channel 24-bit LVDS LCD. The EMX-780E provides I/O interfaces, including 2 SATA, 4 COM, 8 USB 2.0, 1 Keyboard / Mouse and 8-bit DI/O. The AC97 Codec 5.1 channel audio offers Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in & CD-in functions.